Marine Conservation Indonesia Projects in Raja Ampat

Marine Conservation Indonesia Projects in Misool Raja Ampat

So I recently got back from activity of marine conservation Indonesia, be a volunteer marine conservation in tiny private island called Misool in the middle of no where far out in Raja Ampat Indonesia. I was amazed at the overwhelming beauty and abundance of life both above and underwater. Maybe many peoples have recently know … Read more

5 Indonesia Liveaboard Earned Top World Diving Destinations 2017

Top World Diving Destinations 2017

Why do the world’s best underwater photographers flock to a narrow stretch of water less than a mile wide in Indonesia? Indonesia has become one of the top destination for dive lovers, beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea water is very interesting, especially the beauty of the marine life. This year 2017 Indonesia Liveaboard Earned … Read more

Surprising Dive Destinations in Europe for The More Adventurous

diving Lofoten Islands are a paradise for nature lovers

Wishing to find the very best underwater wildlife experiences? Europe is home to an incredible variety of scuba diving where you can explore shipwrecks, tropical reefs and many more. With that said, here are some of the best diving destinations in Europe. Kilkee, Ireland For many, traveling to the beach isn’t complete without the possibility … Read more

Top 7 Bali Scuba Diving Spots


Bali transformed into a paradise for the fans of the sport of diving. Most Divers fascinated by the combination of the mysterious atmosphere of the wreck sank at bali scuba diving spost, with coral reefs and crystal clear water. Not only Bunaken in North Sulawesi, or the Raja Ampat in Papua as a dive site … Read more

Bunaken Indonesia Dive Sites: World Top 10 Best Dives Destination

Bunaken Indonesia Dive Sites

Exotic indonesia dive sites are so many and varied. Starting from Sabang, Bangka Belitung, Karimun Jawa, Kalimantan, Bali, Sumbawa, Komodo Island, Wakatobi, Labengki, Ambon, Bintan, Bunaken, Raja Ampat and many others. Is Diving an enjoyable sport activity ? Actualy diving isn’t only good for health, but also to calm the mind and inner satisfaction. Professional … Read more

Papua Diving in Raja Ampat The Real of Pandora


Scuba Diving in Raja Ampat will show you at least 1500 species of fish, 537 species of coral and 699 invertebrates that you can find in the underwater world of Raja Ampat. With a total area of water and land in Raja Ampat is 40,000 km2, 80% is water. Many of Raja Ampat diving places … Read more

Top 5 Diving Places in South East Asia


Indonesia with thousan islands who the best diving in south east asia, the island of Bali could not be overlooked. Probably the most dived site in Bali is the liveaboard diving indonesia. This write-up explains a few of the better dive sites in South East Asia. As a diving diver, you will probably know that … Read more

Grand Cayman Scuba Diving Resorts, In This Side Of Paradise


There are about grand cayman scuba diving resorts. It would certainly be difficult to see done in a week’s time. To limit the checklist, right here are the leading spots for scuba diving grand cayman islands that vacationers can squeeze right into their limited timetable. Every year thousands of travelers are lured to the grand … Read more

Find The Best Caribbean scuba diving destinations as Honduras Dive Resorts Recomendation

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Honduras is the second biggest nation in Central America, but it stays mainly obscure by the mainstream vacationer. Though it has actually gained some renown for its beautiful coral reefs as well as cozy tropical waters– both in its Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean sides– the nation likewise takes pride in bulletproof rainforests, as well … Read more

5 Top Places Deep Sea Diving in India


Here are the very best deep sea diving india that are entirely worth checking out! Scuba diving is maybe one of the most enjoyable water sports of all time, supplying us a way to explore the under water life of species. India is home to several remarkable scuba diving sites and if you are intending … Read more