Top 5 Best Speargun for Beginners as Spearfishing Basics

AB Biller Wood Mahogany, spearguns for fishing

Spearfishing basics require more equipment than just an regular dive, best speargun for beginners is the main equipment especially for those of you who are just starting out and confused to choose the best speargun for the money that may to your consider. There are several size of spearguns for fishing depending types of spearguns, … Read more

6 Spearfishing Tips for Beginners

Spearfishing Tips for Beginners

Hello diver, we try to share some spearfishing tips for beginners, there are some things you might need to remember from what we reviewed below. 1. Freediving certification With scuba diving / freediving  certification you already have diving experience. Because it will not be possible if you hunt fish in the water, while you are … Read more

Spearfishing Gear for Beginners

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Scuba fishing or spearfishing become a trend for divers, thats why you should to know each spearfishing gear for beginners, for us spearfishing activity is a friendly fishing activity for the marine life, because spearfishing is a fishing activity by selectively choosing targeted fish, without machine, poison, nets, or Others that can stop the population … Read more

Best Underwater Digital Camera for Snorkeling

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Scuba diving without a camera, is a stupid decision, the best underwater digital camera for snorkeling should be your main dive equipment, given scuba diving is a rare experience, and very special especially when you dive in the beautiful depths of the sea like Bali, Maldives, Raja Ampat, Key West , and much more. It is … Read more

Affordable Swimming Goggles With Nose Cover


For you who like to swim in depth or snorkel definitely need a swimming goggles with nose cover. Now there is a snorkel product that we think is a genius product for the needs of snorkeling, how in the experience of the customer, let them explain it: ”Wow, game changer! This mask is legit, if … Read more

Best Snorkeling Gear Packages, Under $60 USD


I found the best one snorkeling gear packages at amazon, it’s “Cressi Light Weight Premium”. Many customers are satisfied with this product, is the reason why we review about this product, besides it is not difficult to get this product, because many sold online and supported worldwide shipping too. What they think about this snorkeling … Read more

The Hidden Indonesia Scuba Diving Resorts

Hidden Indonesia Scuba Diving Resorts-min

The blue of Borneo, maybe Derawan is not as well known as Raja Ampat, but this island is worthy of being one of the best Indonesia scuba diving resorts. It was a very beautiful island. Derawan Islands located in east Kalimantan ( Borneo ), consists of dozens of islands with 4 large islands: Derawan Island, … Read more

Flores Liveaboard: The Ultimate Indonesia Dive Resorts

Kanawa Island Flores Liveboard

Flores liveaboard, the secret of underwater paradise. Exploring Indonesia underwater maybe will never finished, after Bali, Bunaken, Wakatobi, Raja Ampat, Lombok, Komodo Island, and many more the secret treasure island. Still in the eastern waters of Indonesia, Near from Komodo Isand, Flores are keep the underwater paradise that is not widely known by many divers. … Read more

Wakatobi Liveaboard Worthy Being Awarded Top 5 World Diving Destinations in 2017

Wakatobi Liveaboard Worthy Being Awarded Top 5 World Diving Destinations in 2017

Wakatobi liveaboard is one of Indonesia dive sites that earned Top 5 World Diving Destinations in 2017. Wakatobi dive resort combines an natural setting with five-star service. Located in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, Wakatobi offers many dive resort set in a beachfront palm grove and four waterfront villas that overlook the reef. Dive directly from the … Read more

Scuba Diving in Key West Florida That The Underwater Was Like a Colorful Aquarium

Scuba Diving in Key West Florida

Can’t say enough wonderful things about scuba diving in key west florida, scuba diving in Key West with diving buddies. The underwater was like a colorful aquarium. Even swam with a shark! You can see the excitement on our faces. Around Key West on  jet skis. What a blast! You can kayaked all afternoon from … Read more