Roatan Dive Resorts All Inclusive, The Paradise of honduras Scuba Diving

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  Roatan dive resorts is incredible.. Dive all around the island and feel the sensation  Utila honduras scuba diving. Roatan and Utila rank at the top of dive destinations in the Caribbean and both benefit from all sorts of tourism. If diving is not for you then you can snorkeling right off the beach in … Read more

The Hidden Indonesia Scuba Diving Resorts

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The blue of Borneo, maybe Derawan is not as well known as Raja Ampat, but this island is worthy of being one of the best Indonesia scuba diving resorts. It was a very beautiful island. Derawan Islands located in east Kalimantan ( Borneo ), consists of dozens of islands with 4 large islands: Derawan Island, … Read more

Flores Liveaboard: The Ultimate Indonesia Dive Resorts

Kanawa Island Flores Liveboard

Flores liveaboard, the secret of underwater paradise. Exploring Indonesia underwater maybe will never finished, after Bali, Bunaken, Wakatobi, Raja Ampat, Lombok, Komodo Island, and many more the secret treasure island. Still in the eastern waters of Indonesia, Near from Komodo Isand, Flores are keep the underwater paradise that is not widely known by many divers. … Read more

Wakatobi Liveaboard Worthy Being Awarded Top 5 World Diving Destinations in 2017

Wakatobi Liveaboard Worthy Being Awarded Top 5 World Diving Destinations in 2017

Wakatobi liveaboard is one of Indonesia dive sites that earned Top 5 World Diving Destinations in 2017. Wakatobi dive resort combines an natural setting with five-star service. Located in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, Wakatobi offers many dive resort set in a beachfront palm grove and four waterfront villas that overlook the reef. Dive directly from the … Read more

Facts About The Great Barrier Reef Conservation

Facts great barrier reef conservation

Facts great barrier reef conservation: two thirds of the great barrier reef ruined, will be entirely dead by 2020?  The time to act was decades ago, far too late to do anything now? What a shame, if the most evolved and intelligent form of life on this planet willingly destroys its own home. Seems that … Read more

Scuba Diving in Key West Florida That The Underwater Was Like a Colorful Aquarium

Scuba Diving in Key West Florida

Can’t say enough wonderful things about scuba diving in key west florida, scuba diving in Key West with diving buddies. The underwater was like a colorful aquarium. Even swam with a shark! You can see the excitement on our faces. Around Key West on  jet skis. What a blast! You can kayaked all afternoon from … Read more

Scuba Diving Amed Bali is Option For Dive Instructor That Inquire About Working in This Island

Scuba Diving Amed Bali

Scuba diving amed Bali it’s either amed area, nice and relaxed, or Sanur area, thoug they drive up north to dive also so lots of travel dive. You can do tec there is some dive centers there doing that. Indonesia usually you required to get a work permit, usually 50/50 (you pay half shop pays … Read more

Lamu Island Property at Manda Island, Kenya’s Best Kept Secret

Lamu island property is placed amid bowed coconut palms bowed, acacia trees and tamarind trees whispering gently in the breeze. All rooms are open to the elements of nature in that they overlook the sandy beaches, the cool sea breeze wafts into them and a clear view of the ocean is visible. Visible from Manda … Read more

5 Indonesia Liveaboard Earned Top World Diving Destinations 2017

Top World Diving Destinations 2017

Why do the world’s best underwater photographers flock to a narrow stretch of water less than a mile wide in Indonesia? Indonesia has become one of the top destination for dive lovers, beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea water is very interesting, especially the beauty of the marine life. This year 2017 Indonesia Liveaboard Earned … Read more

Komodo Island Liveaboard in The Real Jurassic Park

best komodo island tours

Jurassic Park gives us imagination about dinosaur life that packaged in a movie, do you know there is an island in this planet where live an animal generation of dinosaurs? The Dragons “Komodo Island”. The only place in the world’s, populations of the largest reptile . Komodo is really deadly carnivorous, They don’t have a venom … Read more