Spearfishing Gear for Beginners

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Scuba fishing or spearfishing become a trend for divers, thats why you should to know each spearfishing gear for beginners, for us spearfishing activity is a friendly fishing activity for the marine life, because spearfishing is a fishing activity by selectively choosing targeted fish, without machine, poison, nets, or Others that can stop the population … Read more

Best Underwater Digital Camera for Snorkeling

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Scuba diving without a camera, is a stupid decision, the┬ábest underwater digital camera for snorkeling should be your main dive equipment, given scuba diving is a rare experience, and very special especially when you dive in the beautiful depths of the sea like Bali, Maldives, Raja Ampat, Key West , and much more. It is … Read more

Affordable Swimming Goggles With Nose Cover


For you who like to swim in depth or snorkel definitely need a swimming goggles with nose cover. Now there is a snorkel product that we think is a genius product for the needs of snorkeling, how in the experience of the customer, let them explain it: ”Wow, game changer! This mask is legit, if … Read more

Best Snorkeling Gear Packages, Under $60 USD


I found the best one snorkeling gear packages at amazon, it’s “Cressi Light Weight Premium”. Many customers are satisfied with this product, is the reason why we review about this product, besides it is not difficult to get this product, because many sold online and supported worldwide shipping too. What they think about this snorkeling … Read more

Affordable Scuba Diving Watches Computer , Suunto Zoop Novo VS Cressi Leonardo


Priced at the same price $199.95, this affordable scuba diving watches computer, Suunto Zoop Novo VS Cressi Leonardo, becomes a very difficult choice. Choose one of them, or grab both of them ? Maybe some reviews in amazon store this could be a recommendation for you. Suunto Zoop Novo Easy to use diver interface, easy … Read more

5 Qualified Scuba Diving Computer Watches, Under $200 USD

Cressi Leonardo Scuba dive watches Computer

Looking for the scuba dive watches with a complete dive computer for freedom underwater and a multi-feature watch for timeless style on the surface ? Absolutely.. Within Affordable Price ? That’s what I want!! We try to share the user experiences in amazon store:   Mares Puck Wrist Dive Computer ($149.95) Full Function Air/Nitrox Dive … Read more

Scuba Diving Amed Bali is Option For Dive Instructor That Inquire About Working in This Island

Scuba Diving Amed Bali

Scuba diving amed Bali it’s either amed area, nice and relaxed, or Sanur area, thoug they drive up north to dive also so lots of travel dive. You can do tec there is some dive centers there doing that. Indonesia usually you required to get a work permit, usually 50/50 (you pay half shop pays … Read more

Aqualung Pro QD Appealing to a Wide Range of Divers


We just try to share some user reviews experience regarding aqualung pro qd from the online shop amazon.com, Hopefully can help you to choose the best scuba gear that wide range of divers. The aqualung pro qd works great though it is very conservative in nitrogen tissue absorption rates (it’s trying to keep you very … Read more

Cuba’s Scuba Diving Destinations


Is that Cuba is everything about those costly Cuban stogies as well as vibrant Cuban songs and also pretty Latin women and also Fidel Castro, after that think again. Cuba holds several of the world’s finest beaches and diving spots. Hurray for the anxious scuba diver! Set your fins to the best instructions and make … Read more