We Lost an Amazing Marine Conservationist “Rob Stewart”

Whit Shark Conservationist Rob Stewart

We lost an amazing sharks conservationist on January 31st, 2017. It is a tragic loss, not just for his family and friends, but for marine conservationists and divers from around the world. He died doing what he loved, making films and working to protect sharks. How could such a skilled and professional diver lose his … Read more

Marine Conservation Indonesia Projects in Raja Ampat

Marine Conservation Indonesia Projects in Misool Raja Ampat

So I recently got back from activity of marine conservation Indonesia, be a volunteer marine conservation in tiny private island called Misool in the middle of no where far out in Raja Ampat Indonesia. I was amazed at the overwhelming beauty and abundance of life both above and underwater. Maybe many peoples have recently know … Read more

Coral Reef Protection for Ecosystem Climate

Coral reef ecosystem climate

Coral reef protection make people keeps on questioning stated facts rather than merely its intent and purpose. The point here is that he has done something and has leave a legacy for this world. He might mean that corals indirectly account for the majority of oxygen production simply because it serve as a shelter for … Read more

With This Video We Can Learn Organisms and Ways to Conserve coral Reefs

coral reef conservation organizations

Engineering plant coral reefs have been discovered by some experts and giving ways to conserve coral reefs, one of which is the invention of Dr. David Vaughan , in a video entitled “Planting corals back on the reefs can save the planet” at  this FB page, he describes the coral restoration and planting back the … Read more

Komodo Island Liveaboard in The Real Jurassic Park

best komodo island tours

Jurassic Park gives us imagination about dinosaur life that packaged in a movie, do you know there is an island in this planet where live an animal generation of dinosaurs? The Dragons “Komodo Island”. The only place in the world’s, populations of the largest reptile . Komodo is really deadly carnivorous, They don’t have a venom … Read more

Facts about Mangroves and Cristiano Ronaldo in Teluk Benoa

Cristiano Ronaldo Interesting Facts about Mangroves

In 2013 ago, the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Bali be a mystery to his fans, what he did in there ? beyond expectations, it turns his existence is far from the football activity. He is a footballer who has a high social life, and for the first time Ronaldo was involved in marine conservation activity. CR7 was chosen to … Read more

The British Ship Damaged 1,600 Square Meters Coral Reef in Raja Ampat

Coral Reef in Raja Ampat

Why this should happen ? is there any element of intent or negligence of the Caledonian Sky crew. As you know Raja Ampat is a complete place of coral reef ecosystems in the world. Damage caused by these accident will take up to 10 years to restore the coral reefs. it is very dissapointed. Coral … Read more

Great White Shark Conservation, Incredible Friendship With Diver Captured

Great White Shark Conservation, Incredible Friendship With Diver Captured

I’m wondering who is the diver ? From the photo detail seems she is a female, I guess.. whoever she is, she had extraordinary courage. What a stunning White.. one experience I’m sure that’s at the top of the best ones in her life. The white shark has a reputation as the most dangerous marine predators … Read more

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Wellcome to splashdive.com, my name is Dedi Iskandar, I am Indonesian.. I was born in Bogor 19 September 1984, my purpose create this indonesia scuba diving website begins since I childhood I was realy liked of nature of course realy liked of outdoor activities, at this time in Indonesia I joined the community of green … Read more