The British Ship Damaged 1,600 Square Meters Coral Reef in Raja Ampat

The British Ship Damaged 1,600 Square Meters Coral Reef in Raja Ampat

Why this should happen ? is there any element of intent or negligence of the Caledonian Sky crew. As you know Raja Ampat is a complete place of coral reef ecosystems in the world. Damage caused by these accident will take up to 10 years to restore the coral reefs. it is very dissapointed.

Coral Reef Raja Ampat

Coral reefs like the other plants, they need a long time to grow up. Not all of the seabed can be lived of the coral reefs, it’s caused by several factors. The diversity of coral reef in Raja Ampat is not easy to found in another place in this planet. This accident will surely get a lot of attentions, especially the lovers of marine life ( Divers ). I was not in the location during the accident, and I still hope that this accident does not have a major impact on coral reef ecosystems in there.

The accident occurred when the British cruise ship “Caledonian Sky” sailed up the waters were receding in Raja Ampat, causing damage to coral reefs in the marine ecosystem one of the most beautiful in Indonesia. The incident occurred on March 4, 2017 and then, when the ships weighing 4,290 tons is finished delivering 102 passengers to observe birds in Waigeo.

Ricardo Tapilatu, Head of Marine Resources Research Center University of Papua which evaluates said that the ship is actually equipped with GPS and radar, but it is unknown how could get stuck.

Damaged reefs is estimated at 1,600 square meters. The diversity of 8 types of coral reefs, such as Acropora, Porites, Montipora, and Stylophora, reduced.

“This is what we found in the investigation in the field. At the moment we are finalizing the report and will send our recommendations to the local government office next week,” said Tapilatu.

Coral Reef in Raja Ampat

Pic Source: Stephanie Venables/Marine Megafauna Foundation/Mongabay

Comparison of healthy coral reefs (left) with damaged in the waters of Raja Ampat. According to the calculations Tapilatu, Noble Caledonia, the company operating the ship, at least have to pay 1.28 to 1.92 million US dollars. Calculations, for one square meter, the value of compensation is estimated at 800 – 1200 US dollars.

“If the company is not willing, then the government will bring the case to court,” said Tapilatu as quoted by The Guardian, Friday (03/10/2017). Compensation from the company will be used to repair damaged reefs. The process is expected to take up to a decade. In addition, the compensation money will also be used to increase the buoy so that it can prevent the ship entered the shallow area at low tide.

Andi Rosandi, Director of Marine Conservation and Biodiversity at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries said conservation efforts under the authority of the local government. But he will continue to follow the developments of this case.

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