Best Underwater Digital Camera for Snorkeling

best underwater camera for scuba diving-minScuba diving without a camera, is a stupid decision, the best underwater digital camera for snorkeling should be your main dive equipment, given scuba diving is a rare experience, and very special especially when you dive in the beautiful depths of the sea like Bali, Maldives, Raja Ampat, Key West , and much more.

It is unfortunate if you have a dive experience in the place mentioned above without documenting it, therefore the best underwater camera for scuba diving into your consideration before starting a scuba diving adventure.

best underwater camera for scuba diving 2017-min

We decided to review Canon PowerShot D30, because this underwater camera gets so many positive responses from the users, we quote based on customer experience in amazon online store:

”Camera arrived on the first day of rain this season. It was wonderful to grab this camera, head for the hills to take photos. It operates well in low light, captures color perfectly, and takes vivid close-ups as well as landscape photos of equal quality. I’m very pleased with its purchase.”

Best Underwater Digital Camera for Snorkeling-min

Even though I have a nicer, more professional camera, this one tends to be my default. I love the saturation, underwater, and close-up features and have ended up taking it everywhere because it’s so small, lightweight, and portable. The only thing that could make it better and comparable with my Rebel EOS is some sort of telephoto capability. I’ve seen little attachments like this for iPhones, but for what it is (closer range), this camera is pretty awesome.”

underwater camera for snorkeling

”Bought this camera to take snorkeling to the Galapagos Islands. I got a great pic of a hammer head shark! Camera worked superbly, no problem with water getting inside. I rinsed it off with fresh water after each use as recommended and gave it a good thorough cleaning when I returned home from my trip. This camera is very simple to use. I loved the slow motion video feature available on this camera, for under water filming. This camera is also great to use on the beach, since you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. So happy I decided to purchase this camera. I will be using it for future trips.”

Canon Best Underwater Digital Camera for Snorkeling-min
Sample picture taken

”Overall good waterproof camera, but it is a little heavy for camera, and the responding time after snapping pictures took a little longer than its counterpart, Canon Snapshot, I wish they can improve on those, otherwise a great camera for family use.”

Canon PowerShot D30 The Best Underwater Digital Camera for Snorkeling-min
Sample picture taken

”I took this little baby for some rides down to the coral reef and it exceeded my expectations: AWESOME.

1.- 82 feet deep (…and maybe more) without bulky cases? Cool!
2.- Made for diving: Compact, good grip, easy one-hand operation even with gloves, dedicated video button, etc. A diver’s dream.
3.- The subaquatic mode (software filter) really WORKS! Kudos Canon, colours pop out as if the camera had a strobe attached; most of my underwater pictures were GREAT without any tweaks, just point that turtle and shoot.
4.- Long battery life. I charged mine after six dives just to make sure, but it may have lasted longer.
5.- Great underwater video too: full HD with autofocus.

1.- Bigger than my previous cameras.
I had a thin and small Sony TX30 but it died at 90 ft (OK, it was rated for 33 ft, my fault). Anyway all my buddies have cameras WITH cases, they all look like huge daguerrotypes when compared to this Canon D30 :p so I can’t complaint.
I’ve also used a GoPro, it was smaller too, but it had no LCD screen, battery lasted 1 or 2 dives only, and photos were not good at all. Anyway this camera makes better video IMO than the GoPro, down there in the deep.”

”We bought this camera so we could take it underwater on our vacation trip. Its been great so far. Cant complain about the picture quality, from all the pictures we took underwater and on land the pictures came out great. Its easy to hold and feels tough enough that if its dropped i wouldnt give it a second thought. The battery life is really good, took a whole days worth of pics and still had plenty of juice left in it. We also took some videos, my only gripe would be that it doesnt seem to pickup audio as loud as we would have liked. It could have been that we needed to be closer to the camera. Overall fun, rugged camera which will provide years of family fun.”

Here is the sample video taken by this camera:


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