Top 5 Best Speargun for Beginners as Spearfishing Basics

cressi spear fishing gunsSpearfishing basics require more equipment than just an regular dive, best speargun for beginners is the main equipment especially for those of you who are just starting out and confused to choose the best speargun for the money that may to your consider.

There are several size of spearguns for fishing depending types of spearguns, but for beginners we suggest to choose small speargun for more dynamic movement. As your ability increases you may switch from beginner speargun to the best speargun brand. What they said about this spear fish gun:

1. Cressi Apache Spear Gun

Cressi Apache Spear Gun,scuba speargunVery well made & seems to be of good quality. Unfortunately, I decided not to do any spearfishing due to the recent green algae issues in California and returned the product. Although I did not get to use the speargun, it appeared to be pretty solid and easy to use. Would definitely buy the same item if the water condition changes.

Bought this for a wedding gift for a friend of mine because I had absolutely no idea what else to get him. The reviews all seemed to indicate that it was a reliable, quality speargun that was a good choice for beginners. (Neither of us had ever used one in our lives, as far I know.)

When I arrived about a month ago, (very quick delivery, by the way) I took it out of the box and could not tell if it was loaded or not. Honestly, I was too scared to check for fear that I may accidentally shoot myself, my fiancee, or one of our cats. Anyway, when I finally gave it to him he was over the moon; this was clearly a good choice.

Also, despite receiving it well over a month ago, I only got the email asking me to rate this the day AFTER I give it to him. That’s just spooky, so extra points for that.

Recommend for beginners, shot in short distances as well. Just for small fishes. For bigger ones, go 75 cm and above. Easy to handle. Shipped on time. Recmommend to buy spare shaft, using at rocks.

2. AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun

AB Biller Wood Mahogany, spearguns for fishingThis gun is exactly what I wanted it to be and more. I love everything about it. I seriously wouldn’t change a single thing or ask for anything else. It’s so extremely good looking too I feel like making out with it every time I glance over at it.

Wonderful, I recommend this to all spearos wanting a reliable, durable, and all around excellent gun. New to spearfishing and it’s a perfect size and great quality. Not to mention the wood looks beautiful. Great product!

3. Cressi Comanche Speargun

speargun fishing for beginners

My 4 star rating is based on the gun itself, but because my experience with the packaging of this product doesn’t seem to be unique, I think it’s worth mentioning. The gun was shipped in a clear plastic bag inside of a long squished cardboard box. There was no padding – no bubble wrap, no air filled bags, no packing paper….just the gun in a bag bouncing around inside a box with a few pieces of tape on either end to hold it inside. It’s not much of a surprise that the gun had scratches on it, or that the mini CD it came with was broken. Other than the scratch on the aluminum barrel the gun looked ok, but I was left feeling like maybe I should have just ordered a used gun instead.

Onto the gun itself. I ordered the 100cm gun – it’s a great looking speargun and while it’s at the cheap end of the speargun price range, it doesn’t look like a cheap scuba gun. The barrel is a nice matte black and the grip is comfortable. The band it comes with is REALLY tough to load the first time. You should always load the gun underwater though – doing it on land is very dangerous. If you’re struggling with loading it, just do a search on speargun loading techniques and you’ll find lots of videos that will show you how to do it without hurting yourself.

You should never trust the safety on any speargun, because it only prevents you from pulling the trigger; if the gun gets knocked or randomly discharges, the spear is still going to shoot even with your safety on. That said, it would still be nice if the safety on this gun worked better than it does. Once you’ve taken the safety off, if you try to put it back on it’s pretty tough to do and seems to get stuck halfway. Maybe it will loosen up with more use.

Reloading the spear is easy and the line is simple to rig after each shot. If you miss and need to reload, you can do it really quickly once you get the hang of it. This gun has a massive amount of power for a single band gun – I’ve been hunting mostly with Hawaiian slings and a pole spear and the difference in the velocity the spear travels at is amazing. I’ve been using the gun on the first notch on the spear and can’t see myself needing the extra power of the second notch unless I was going after much bigger fish than I usually see on the reef in South Florida. The gun is accurate and from about 10 feet the spear penetrates fish like they aren’t even there. A snapper ended up halfway up the line today after the spear passed all the way through it and kept on going. After that shot though as I was reloading I noticed that the loop of line on the spear had come undone and the spear was ready to come off; the line had been pulled completely out of the crimper and I had to head back to shore to fix it. This shouldn’t happen after less than a dozen shots with the gun – if I had shot something bigger like a mackerel or cobia, there’s a good chance the spear shaft would be long gone along with the fish. Check the crimps on the line and if they don’t look very tight, you might want to tighten them.

I’m 6′ tall and the 100cm gun is just about the perfect size for me and the sort of fish I’m going after. All in all it’s a good gun at a great price. It’s nicely balanced and neutral in the water when loaded.

Edit: I’ve owned the gun for almost two months now. I set the band on the second notch last week and when I fired the line came out of the crimp attaching the line to the gun. Cressi definitely needs to work on crimping the line better — both crimps should not fail so soon after getting a gun. Other than that I’m very happy with the gun; it’s easy to load and shoots straight and the price can’t be beat.

4. SEAC New Sting Sling Speargun

SEAC New Sting Sling Speargun,underwater spearWent out an shot a 10 ibs. walleye on the first try. Very impressive gun for the money. Two thoughts for modifying it. One, get a band to maintain tension on the rope, two either clamp or melt plastic on the ropes connection to the shaft. Three, be prepared to unscrew the tip to get the shaft out of the bigger fish.

Great spear gun at an excellent price. The trigger and lock are solid and function perfectly – not too hard or too soft/flimsy. The gun itself is high quality. The only thing I replaced was the cord and added a spring tube to protect against shock loading the cord.

The gun is great, but the order was filled by Amazon not a dive shop. In the description is says a bag was included. “Standard kit: bag, Nylon/Polyester line, 7M thread harpoon” I guess they meant the plastic bag it was wrapped in because i surly did NOT get a bag with it. The gun is great though and well made. It did include the spear shaft, tip and line as described they just forgot the bag.

5. AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun

AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun,best spearfishing gunI have previously used a differant product,this gun is light and very powerfull and i recommend this speargun if you do not want to spend five hundred dollars or more.

This is my fourth AB Biller spear gun. The safety mechanism is very flimsy. The slightest pressure, i.e. me swimming underwater (which isn’t very fast) flips the switch to the FIRE position. Numerous times I looked down to see that the weapon was no longer safe, but inadvertently in the FIRE position. I ended up keeping my finger on the safety at all times to ensure it stayed in the SAFE position.

I really like how easy it is to aim. I had never before speared with a gun and the first time I took it out, I was about 80% from 5′ +- away. There aren’t really any sights, you just have to look down the shaft which seemed to work well enough for me.. I like the guide rail in the middle of the gun, I would imagine it improves accuracy. I like the range a speargun offers vs a spear pole..

I don’t like the spear tip that it came with. Even when using both bands, the spear tip on occasion will not penetrate deep enough for the flaps to open up on the other side of the fish. But on many occasions, the majority of the shaft will zip right through.. Not sure what’s going on there, but if the flaps were closer to the tip, I’d like it more. Also, the bands are somewhat weak. You can buy stronger, thicker bands that I imagine would help a bit with full penetration.

The safety is a nice feature, but there is no locking to it. It’s just like moving a free lever with minimal resistance. But it is better to have that than nothing at all.
The gun does not float! Maybe it’s not supposed to, but I for some reason thought it did. I get nervous reloading it in case something slips out of my hand and it sinks to the bottom. I’ll be attaching some sort of cable from the gun to myself at some point so I’m more comfortable.

From this review you can considering the best beginner speargun, because we summarize directly from the experience of divers who are already using it.

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