Best Spearfishing Mask Anti-Fog Tempered Glass

This best spearfishing mask gets a lot of positive reviews from the users, this is the reason why we recommend this free diving mask for you. Spearfishing obviously requires a quality mask and appropriate to support this activity. Using a low-quality mask will keep you from hunting in the depths of the water. This spear fishing google has a feature that we think is perfect enough to hunt a fish on the seabed as we noted from


  • Cressi is a Real diving, snorkeling and swimming Italian brand, since 1946.
  • Clear Wide view by a single lens made with high quality Tempered Glass, anti-fog.
  • The F1 mask is made with 100% silicone, a better and longer lasting material than plastic PVC. The best for a Perfect and Confortable Seal.
  • Micrometric Easy Adjustable Buckles for better confort.
  • Designed and created using Innovative and Patented Manufacturing Technology.

Cressi F1, Spearfishing Frameless Mask customer reviews:

Worked great in Cancun. Didn’t have the fogging issues most reviewers mentioned but I always spit in my masks when I hop in the water so maybe that helped. I got the brown camo and I’m not sure where the camo part was because this was definitely all brown and a ugly one at that but I didn’t buy this for fashion I bought it for purpose and it did the job!

Super comfortable, does not leak, very easy to get a good seal. I love this mask and I’m a big guy – 6′ 1″ 350+ pounds and the mask fits my large head and larger Italian nose. Ironically, my 10 year old niece who is as skinny as a rail was over to go swimming and she used the mask too without any trouble whatsoever. I had to adjust the straps for her smaller head of course but the mask didn’t leak at all and she was diving into the pool and doing flips and all kinds of stuff with it on. Seriously, the best, most comfortable mask you can buy.

Love this mask, fits like a glove and the strap does not have to be very tight to keep water out. Unlike my other masks where the regular bubbles would somehow cause slight leaks in the bottom this one I didn’t even notice any leaks at all. Very easy to see out of and is so low profile I don’t even notice any water pushing on it when I am swimming at a faster clip through the water unlike my old large volume frame mask. Very easy to clear with no water left over to sit by your nose, everything seems to drain out quickly, no ridges to hold water until you seal it back up and realize you still have a few tablespoons of water left. This mask fits my face great, I have a smaller face, eyes are closer together than most people. If you have a large face this might not work well for you because of the size.

Best Spearfishing Mask Anti-Fog Cressi

This mask is excellent. I collect scuba masks and i love the thick mask strap for it’s secure fit. New scuba masks need to be prepped with a Bic lighter to get rid of the coating. Just hold the flame up to the inside of the lens and you can see the coating burn off. Then use Sea Buff to clean off the residue while your rinsing it off. You may need to burn it 2 or 3 times to completely clear it and use diluted baby shampoo for a defog.

Decided to leave a review for these just to say i experienced no fogging issues whatsoever. Bought these so my wife could practice snorkeling before a trip to hawaii. Loved them so much i ended up taking them with me. Not once before or during the trip did these goggles fog up on me. Not sure what the issue is with other users, but it’s definitely not universal. I cleaned thoroughly with the toms’s toothpaste we had on hand. Then before every use i gave the glass a quick spitshine and rinse in the water. The fit is comfortable and the field of view is excellent. Really enjoyed snorkeling with these.

This is a great mask. Worn free diving off the coast of NorCal. Used the toothpaste routine and did not have fogging at all. Make sure you cool your face in the water first before dawning the mask. Sealed very good even with 3 days not shaving. Buying a spare. Bought the camo color which is a dark brown. Visibility is good and good access to nose pinching for clearing your ears.

The price is affordable with a quality that many fill an expectations of the users, this Italian spear fishing gear is worth your own. You can get this spearfishing mask here.


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