Batam Scuba Diving: The Heaven for Shopaholics

Batam Scuba Diving

Batam scuba diving has many dive sites with breathtakingly beautiful and breathtaking underwater scenery, and no many peoples know about that. Many travelers visit the eastern part of Indonesia, as many tourist sites with particularly popular dive sites, such as Raja Ampat, and Komodo Island. This time we will discuss the location of diving tours in western Indonesia.

Now has many providers of tour packages that provide scuba diving and snorkeling services in Batam, to several islands famous of the underwater scenery.

1. Abang Island

There are 9 dive sites here, and all spots are safe because it is surrounded by small islands and not directly facing open sea. The island of Abang is one of the island clusters still in the area of ​​Batam, located in the southern city of Batam, Riau Islands, is just a few years become a tourist destination to dive under the sea or snorkel to see a very fascinating coral reefs.

Go to Abang Island takes about one hour to Galang Island from downtown. On a boat to Abang Island. Abang Island is surrounded by many small islands, most of which are conservation areas of coral reefs. Beautiful underwater gardens of varying colors, shapes, and sizes, views that await divers adventures for exploring the beauty of the world that lies beyond the surface with all the colorful sea creatures and some of the rarest coral reefs.

2. Labun Island

Labun Island is opposite Galang Island. Just minutes from Bridge 6 Barelang. There we can enjoy the underwater beauty and natural nature. You can also snorkel at this location.

3. Petong Island

Petong Island is the recommended scuba diving and snorkeling spot in Batam. Beautiful underwater scenery, with very healthy coral reefs. This place is recomended once for the underwater nature lovers. But for snorkeling please know the right time so as not to meet with jellyfish or high winds.

The island is also located not far from Galang island, to get there almost takes time to the island of Abang.

4. Ghost Island

Ghost Island, Galang, Batam, indeed not far from Abang Island and Petong Island. This island is in front of the island Abang, consisting of 3 islands lined up but apart. To reach the place you must use the boat from bridge 6 Barelang. The sea water is very clear, so we can see the rocks at the bottom of the sea without having to plunge into the sea.

Batam Scuba Diving zebra shark

To find the most suitable destination for your vacation is actually not an easy thing to do. Well, we all know that there are actually so many places which can become the options but some of them may not be like what you expect and desire. Here, we are going to talk about an alternative for your option and it’s about Batam. Batam is a small island located in Indonesia. For the travelers, this island may not be as famous as Bali but you must never underestimate this island. So, what is offered by Batam? Let’s talk about it even further.

The first thing you must understand whenever you are interested to enjoy some vacation moment in Batam is related to the location of the island. Batam is often called Singapore in Indonesia because the location of this island is really close to Singapore. The size is also similar. That’s why it is really normal for this island to be really influenced by Singapore. This kind of situation makes it so perfect for the people who are not really that capable of going to Singapore but want to taste its experience by going to Batam. There are tons of places which can make your traveling to Batam become memorable especially if you are keen on shopping. Yes, Batam is quite well known for its shopping centers.

You can find almost everything here starting from fashion items, some exotic souvenirs, electronics, and many other things. And what’s even more important for you to remember is how the things sold in Batam are usually more affordable. If you want to know the exact location for you to please your shopping desire, well, you can simply go to the shopping area in Nagoya Hill. It’s one of the biggest malls in Batam. It’s not exaggerating if we call this shopping mall as the heaven for the shopaholic.

There are also some other great shopping areas for you to visit including if you are interested in buying some electronics. Yes, because Batam is really close to Singapore. In one way or another, this fact is the reason why electronics are sold quite more affordable in Batam compared to the other places in Indonesia. That is why you should not waste this chance and get the electronics you want whenever you are in Batam. Also make it certain you enjoy its great culinary experience. Otak-otak or fishcake is one of the highly recommended for you.

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