The Geeky Scuba Diving in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

SNUBA The Geeky Scuba Diving in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Many things you can do besides scuba diving in Punta Cana ( Dominican Republic ), like Snorkeling, Horseback Riding, Beach, Monkeys, Water Sports. If you don’t have much time off during the year, and when you have the time off, you can post during vacation any pics and had a great time at Punta Cana. … Read more

Prescription Diving Mask for Scuba Diving Simulator

Prescription Diving Mask for Scuba Diving Simulator

Underwater VR Headsets is prescription diving mask are not an exceptional invention in the world of technology, but these are amazing finds that are helpful for scuba diving, especially for those of you who want to experience the sensation of coral reefs under the sea without worry about risk diving. Stephen Greenwood and Allan Evans … Read more

Ushaka Marine World Scuba Diving Without Worry

scuba diving without certification,ushaka marine, scuba diving water park

Ushaka marine world scuba diving at South Africa. Perhaps you’ve imagine being able to dive in the depths, to enjoy the beauty of the underwater without worrying about weather, certificates, etc. Discover scuba diving without worry any thinks you need.Is equipment provided? What should one bring of their own Everything is provided. The only thing … Read more

Scuba Diving Tanks New Generation

airbuddy scuba diving tank

Looks like a good scuba diving tanks system to use when cleaning the bottom of a boat, but not much else. But then again you could say the same thing for all the gas powered compressors with hoes fed regulators already on the market. Nothing beats the freedom and flexibility of diving with tanks. Maybe … Read more

How Big are Sea Horses, You Will Shocked Saw This Picture

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How big are Sea Horses? Pygmy Seahorse, the smallest sea horse in the world found in the oceans of Indonesia, it found in the waters of flores, sumba, is still in one region with the island of Komodo. The species of seahorse in the genus Hippocampus with characteristic short snout and long tail. The incridible … Read more

Scuba Diving Myrtle Beach Grand Strand, is There Sharks ?

scuba diving myrtle beach,shipwreck island mini golf myrtle beach,shipwreck island myrtle beach-min

Scuba diving myrtle beach grand strand, is there sharks ? If every beach took aerial photos every day you would see many sharks and some very close to shore. That being said, they have always been there. Maybe they can shift visitors. Myrtle Beach has become too commercial. The grand strand is pedestrian. The real … Read more

Maui scuba diving and Points of Interest as One of The Best Island in Hawaii

snorkel with whales scuba diving in maui hawaii,scuba diving maui,scuba diving maui hawaii,scuba diving on maui-min

So many maui scuba diving spots ! Molokini, Mekena, Koki, Fleming, Pa’ako Cove, North Ka’anapali Beach, Little Beach and Po’olenalena. Maui is home for huge of coral reefs, colorful tropical fish, and another marine biotas, or just snorkelling with humpback whales. Yes! That is paradise for dive lovers. Not difficult to find maui diving scuba … Read more

Can You Scuba Dive While Pregnant ? We Have to Rely on After The Fact Experiences

Can You Scuba Dive While Pregnant, scuba diving pregnant

Can you scuba dive while pregnant ? We will likely not ever have a definitive study to test this because it would be unethical. We have to rely on “after the fact” experiences. Go to a trusted physician, preferably one with dive knowledge or contact Divers Alert Network (DAN). Please read this article to the … Read more

Top5 Scuba Diving Puerto Rico Reviews

scuba diving british virgin islands,-min

There is some pretty good information when surfing on Google about scuba diving puerto rico. If you going to plan a trip there before I decided to choose the best place for scuba diving in puerto rico. I know that the northern areas are prime locations for many different adventures. British Virgin Islands Ever wonder … Read more

Fact Kauai Scuba Diving as The Hawaii Big Island to Dive

kauai scuba diving reviews,hawaii scuba diving,best scuba diving in hawaii,scuba dive hawaii

While doing in kauai scuba diving, got to see dozens of green turtles, Moray eels, and huge schools of fish of various colours. One of the most awesome experiences. Such a beautiful island the mother island of all the Hawaiian Islands it’s peace on paradise. It was fantastic! If you’re not renting a car, do … Read more