Get Scuba Diving Certification Fort Lauderdale

Scuba Diving Certification Fort Lauderdale Florida

Yes! You are already FL and try to get scuba diving certification Fort Lauderdale and will have access to great instructors and time for practice. It will probably be a bit less expensive as well. 1-3 dives sounds a little short for it, you would use my time to enjoy instead of classes but everyone … Read more

Scuba Diving Certification Indonesia

Scuba Diving Certification Indonesia

Bored with office routines and all life problems? Why don’t you try scuba dive and find relax under deep water? From time to time people scuba dive to find beautiful views under water to relax mind and appreciate nature. From now on, you can try it too. Just find best places in the world to … Read more

3 Awesome Places to Cliff Dive in The World

Cliff Dive Extreme Adventure in Brontallo, Switzerland

People like to scuba dive from time to time. Reason why people like to scuba dive or cliff dive is get best experience of walk through “beautiful forest” under the sea. It is nice to learn about fishes and coral and everything under water. People also like to find places to cliff dive to experience … Read more

Scuba Diving License Melbourne

Scuba Diving License Melbourne Australia

Scuba diving license melbourne Victoria as a PADI Open Water Diver you’ll be able to dive anywhere in Australia, especially in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, with any dive shop, to a depth of 18m. If you want to go to far place, Australia can be a good choice because Australia Sea has most … Read more

Best Places to Scuba Dive in the World

Jelly fish in the best places to scuba dive in the world

Do you know thousands of people looking for best places to scuba dive in the world every single year? If swimming is too common for you in summer holiday, why don’t you try scuba diving? Scuba diving is a fun thing you should do because you can appreciate sea more with this fun activity.   … Read more

Tips to Find Cheap Scuba Diving Trips

Tips to Find Cheap Scuba Diving Trips

There are few things we should do when we want to have cheap scuba diving trips. Scuba diving can be the most exciting vacation activity as long as we know how we should do it. Of course we should be wise to spend our money for scuba diving vacation. This is necessary considering that some … Read more

Having Vacation Fun at the Scuba Diving Best Places

Having Vacation Fun at the Scuba Diving Best Places

There are so many scuba diving best places where we can visit so we can enjoy the beauty of the underwater. The first place that you should visit for scuba diving is the Barrier Reef which is known as the world heritage too. In this location you can find and view more than 15,000 species … Read more

Ambon The Top Secret Scuba Diving Spot in Indonesia

Ambon The Top Secret Scuba Diving Spot in Indonesia

Ambon are the popular vacation destination since there are plenty of breathtaking tropical beaches which are worth to be explored. If you have a plan to go to Indonesia for a summer vacation to enjoy great scuba diving experiences then this article perhaps can help you to find the great and best scuba diving in … Read more

Mola Mola Dive Season in Bali

Mola Mola Sunfish Bali Season

Mola Mola Dive Season in Bali, The perfect time to see Mola-Mola ( Sunfish ) in Bali. The Mola-Mola fish is one of the marvels of the sea around Bali. This giant fish weighing 1000 kg is the heaviest bony fish ever found. These huge, mysterious fishes live around Bali all year round, the best … Read more

Finding The Best Place for Good Scuba Diving Locations

Experiences in Cayman Island

There are so many choices of good scuba diving locations which are worth to be visited and if you’re a scuba diving beginner who has no idea where to go then following article hopefully can be helpful for you. Going to the tropical beaches is a good way to spend our vacation. This is because … Read more