Underwater Metal Detector Easy to Use

Garrett underwater metal detectors

Use underwater metal detector to find some treasure or looking for the evidence for investigation of a case. Use Garrett 1140900 to find a study in a wall. Worked much better than the Stanley stud finder that I used which was totally worthless. First of all this is way better than the original pro-pointer II. Why? First it’s … Read more

Rob Allen Spearguns to Easy Used

rob allen spearguns

Rob Allen Spearguns founded by Robin Allen. His born in 1958, Rob spent his lives as a fisherman off the coast of South Africa. At 22, while doing jobs for the Natal Sharks Board, Rob decided his live to get in the deep, this experience changed his life as well! It answered a million questions … Read more

Use Prescription Dive Mask Right in Scuba

Use Prescription Dive Mask Right in Scuba

From a psychological stand point, visualisation is commonly used to help overcome fears and emotions involved in high stress environments. It may help you to sit in a quiet place by yourself for a few minutes a couple of times a week and visualise yourself at depth, with your mask flooding and visualise how you … Read more

How to be a Cave Diver Certificated ? Learn The Simple Ways!!

cave diving certifications

Cavern Diving is the foundation for everything, if you didn’t learn the right skills in your cavern course, or didn’t master them it’s going to make the rest of the training very difficult and risk for cave diving accidents. Not many know this, but we are one who have a PADI cavern card. However my … Read more

Why Diving in North Carolina is Always a Gamble ?

Olympus Scuba diving in North Carolina

To do some wreck diving in North Carolina is fantastic but there’s pretty much always the risk of trips being cancelled due to sea conditions unfortunately. This is the worst year in a long time for blow outs. It is NC diving. If you come here with hopes of diving have a back up plan … Read more