Ambon The Top Secret Scuba Diving Spot in Indonesia

Ambon The Top Secret Scuba Diving Spot in Indonesia

Ambon are the popular vacation destination since there are plenty of breathtaking tropical beaches which are worth to be explored. If you have a plan to go to Indonesia for a summer vacation to enjoy great scuba diving experiences then this article perhaps can help you to find the great and best scuba diving in Indonesia.


Laha diving point is in Ambon Bay, near Pattimura Airport. From the outside, Laha does look less attractive. But do not judge a book by its cover. Once into the water, get ready to be fascinated with the beauty of the underwater world.

Laha Ambon dive site

The area is quite sandy and filled with fragments of coral, so it is advisable to use booties and strap heels fin, so that fin can be removed when walking in the sand. Only about 5 meters below the sea, you can already find many fish, such as leaf scorpionfish or ringed pipefish among the crevices. In addition there are also ornate gold pipefish, moray eyed white eyes and black spotted hiding among rocks, dwarf lionfish, surgeonfish, orange fin anemonefish, harlequin shrimp to flamboyant cuttlefish. A variety of anemones are also seen here, such as the bulb tentacle sea anemone with a funny puffed tentacle form.

Option for night diving at Laha can also be considered. At night, you will find a very different underwater life. Sleeping fish with gills move, and nocturnal fish such as mandarinfish and some mollusks.

Laha diving point is in Ambon Bay

Laha definitely are placed on the top list of the best scuba diving in the Maluku islands. This is because Laha offer you the crystal clear sea water that allows you to provide higher visibility underwater nature where you can see all the tropical underwater plantations and other creatures clearly.

Batu Lompa

Batu Lompa should also be added in the list since it has also clear sea water where the sunlight can illuminate the underwater natures. You can find all types and sizes of sponges and beautiful corals. You can also view and find many different groups of tropical fishes from the small to the large ones.

Batu Lompa Scuba Diving Spot in Indonesia

This is Ambon dive site where you can meet and swim with turtles with ease. Batu Lompa is the favorite of the diver because the underwater is still natural. The privilege of this dive site is the existence of volcanic dive site (volcanic dive site). Divers are busy targeting water bubbles that burst from volcanic activity sometimes surprised by the arrival of a group of barracudas measuring one meter right in front of their eyes.

The one that makes the famous Lompa Stone is the ease of finding turtles, rhinopias and frog fish there. In addition to barracudas that swim in groups, you can see white fin sharks, groups of banner fish and lion fish, as well as some other species such as jack, trevallies, snapper, fussilier, sweetlips, butterfly, cardinal, gruper, parrotfish, moray eel, leaf scorpionfish, and many more. If you are lucky, you can come across a herd of dolphins.

With good visibility, about 15 meters horizontally and 20 vertical meters, you can see the seafloor filled with coral, sand and coral. Giant sponge-shaped vase is also an object that can be enjoyed. There are also orange, pink and red sea fans, as well as various types of sponges that decorate the mouths of underwater caves. The water is crystal clear and the waves are calm and stable, making exotic Batu Lompa more easily enjoyed by divers.

Hukurila Cave

Hukurila is a village in the district of South Leitimur, Ambon. Hukurila beaches are in the southern part of the island, overlooking the Banda Sea. Once you get here, you will see a beautiful landscape and friendly people.

Hukurila Cave Ambon The Top Secret Scuba Diving Spot in Indonesia

The point of diving Hukurila Cave or Tanjung Hukurila has a depth of 20 meters below sea level. There is a cave that is a favorite of divers. The best part is the underwater garden filled with coral. There are barrel sponge, sea fan (sea fan) large, table coral, and many more that all grow naturally without any interference from humans. At a depth of 25 to 30 meters, you will get impressive underwater photos.

Namalatu Beach

Namalatu Beach is a traveler’s favorite destination in Ambon. This region is located in Latuhalat, in the southeastern part of the Leitimor Peninsula. The beach is watery as clear as a turquoise blue glass, its fine white sand, and decorated with strands of coconut trees and green trees around it.

Namalatu Beach is a traveler's favorite destination in Ambon

Namalatu Beach is also a favorite dive spot in Ambon. If you look into the water, you can see the seabed is so clear. Its ocean depth is between 20 to 25 meters, with a minimum temperature of 24 ° C and a maximum of 30 ° C; Is ideal for diving. The ocean floor is filled with coral and coral reefs that house various fish, such as barracudas, jack, trvallies, snappers, fussilier, sweetlip, butterfly fish, surgeon, parrotfish, flounders, gobi, moray eels, Scorpion fish and so on.

Banda Islands Dive Bluemotion Ambon Indonesia

If you like night diving, you can meet various herds of fish, such as swarms of barracudas, jack, snapper, fussilier and very beautiful blue dot rays at night.


You can also dive bluemotion ambon at the night, the Lighthouse Reef Atoll at dive bluemotion ambon where you can find the largest white sand. Before you start to visit any of these scuba diving spots it’s highly necessary for you to make sure that you have all things well prepared.

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