Affordable Scuba Diving Watches Computer , Suunto Zoop Novo VS Cressi Leonardo


Priced at the same price $199.95, this affordable scuba diving watches computer, Suunto Zoop Novo VS Cressi Leonardo, becomes a very difficult choice. Choose one of them, or grab both of them ? Maybe some reviews in amazon store this could be a recommendation for you.


Suunto Zoop Novo

  • Easy to use diver interface, easy to read screen
  • Suuntos incredible entry level computer
  • Suuntos RGBM algorithm
  • Air and nitrox up to 50%
  • User changeable battery, built in dive planner, audible alarms,

I really like this dive computer. I’ve had 2 before this, a Uwetec plasma screen and a Sherwood Amphos. For recreational open circuit diving it beats both my other computers in terms of sheer simplicity. I press a button, I get to see what I need. I don’t have to wet my fingers and touch contacts or hold one button down for 2 seconds while pressing another simultaneously. None of that. It may not have all the bells and whistles but if you just want a simple, reliable, easy-to-use, easy-to-read dive computer you can’t go wrong with this one. It comes with a pretty long wristband that you’ll have to tuck in somewhere. But you can always cut it down to size.

For a first dive computer, they do anything you could want. We have about 15 dives on ours. The ability to do nitrox will be great when we get our cert in a few months. They are easy to use, and we really like the four button interface – it helps navigating around the software. We also really enjoy the ability to do either electroluminescent OR phosphorescent back-light during night dives. You can pick which you prefer and aren’t relegated to one or the other.

An excellent first dive computer. Simple and easy to use. The only reason I’m not giving this 5 stars is because the USB cable that came with this has a tendency to slip off the watch if you don’t hold it in place. More of a design flaw from Sunnto, but still a good computer. This will make a great back up computer if you decide to upgrade.


Cressi Leonardo ($199.95)

  • Single easy button
  • Complete RGBM dive computer
  • Air and nitrox modes
  • Audible Alarm
  • Larger digits for easy reading

I have been using a Cressi Leonardo dive computer for over 50 dives. I love how easy to use it is, and that it is inexpensive for a dive computer. Recently, I decided to purchase myself a new, updated computer and give my adult daughter my old one. I did research, and bought a Suunto Vyper Air. The main reason that I bought it was for the digital compass and the ability to add a wireless air integrator later. I was annoyed with the complexity and the inability of the watch to calibrate the compass. I returned it, kept my Cressi Leonardo, and bought a new pink one for my daughter.

Nice solid computer. Wrist band is quite long and there isn’t any sort of adjustments available. Easy to read screen and easy to operate despite the single button interface.

I set it up very fast, I could choose between metters or feet, celsius or farenheit, air or nitrox, safety factor (I used the default since I am a ‘healthy’ person) and other parameters that I never used. Since it has 1 single button, the way to use it is short press and long press, where short press is to change the menu and long press is to edit something.

So far I’ve done 10 dives with this computer. It’s great. It’s way better then the Zoop. The single button is awesome, easy to use, the computer functions are learned quickly and the computer is layed out in such a way that it’s a pleasure to look at. The pre and post dive screens are engineered to perfection. Actually I’ve been diving with this computer on my wrist and the Zoop in a gauge set and I don’t even look at the Zoop. There is one thing i don’t like. The accent rate indicator. If I swim up 3 feet to look at a fish it starts beeping at me and I intuitively stop to look at the computer. If I raise my arm, it yells. There hasn’t been a dive that indicator hasn’t yelled at me and I am conservative. Other than that the machine is awesome great design.

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