Academy Sports Kayaks-Perfect Starter Kayak for a Kid

Academy Sports Kayaks for Kids

This is a perfect starter Kayak for a kid. We bought this for our 8 year old as her birthday present. She loves it! It is easy to paddle, she does not get frustrated because it glides right to where she wants it to go. It is easy for her to get in and out of.

She has not tipped it yet or jumped in from it to use the swim up on the back, but I like that she has that option so she can get back on without an adult having to jump in and try and push her back on. The boat is lightweight making it easy for a kid to drag it onto shore or for it to be thrown onto a storage shelf when not in use. It even comes with a paddle, which makes it super simple to just get it and go!

todler Academy Sports Kayaks for Kids

They spend hours on the water paddling around. They are light enough that the boys can drag them in and out of the water by themselves. They are easy to maneuver and perfect for young beginners. Kids sized paddles are included. Still need to wear life jackets and have an adult close by for supervision but the kayaks themselves provide hours of fun.

The kayak is stable and the paddle is just the right size. There are 2 other benefits I did not know about when I bought it. There is a molded slot at the front to rest the paddle in when not in use. In addition, the rear is designed to let a swimmer (or one who has fallen off) slide back onto the kayak easily.

They are just the right size and weight for them to handle by themselves. They’ve spent hours in the pond and lake paddling, racing and “falling” in the water. They’re able climb right back on and off they go. Great fun for them and for us!

toddler Academy Sports Kayaks for Kids

They go to a nearby lake often and have been renting paddle boards. We thought they might light kayaks for their birthday and we were right. They love them!!!! We also bought safety vests for them.

Simply put, the easiest, lightest but most quality little kayaks you can buy. Great introduction to kayaking and will never be without a home.

Academy Sports Kayaks for a Kids

Perfect for kids. This is very easy for small children to paddle. We used it for ages 5-12 and it was a great size for all of them. You can’t beat this price either.

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