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Wellcome to splashdive.com, my name is Dedi Iskandar, I am Indonesian.. I was born in Bogor 19 September 1984, my purpose create this indonesia scuba diving website begins since I childhood I was realy liked of nature of course realy liked of outdoor activities, at this time in Indonesia I joined the community of green activist “Ranting Nusantara” https://www.facebook.com/RANTING-NUSANTARA-234981626619474/.

Coral Marine conservation

Besides enjoying the beauty natural Indonesia, many of nature conservation activities that have been completed by my community Ranting Nusantara, such: reforestation on degraded forest, mangrove conservation in the area of the coast, coral reef conservation. We are commit to keep the nature and always active in nature conservation activities specially marine conservation in Indonesia.

Mangrove Conservation

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, the which certainly has millions of beaches, and coral reefs in the seabed. Indonesia is a tropical country so the sea plants can grow here with very well. Thousands of species of fish can be found in the waters of Indonesia. I think Divers in the world is can’t be perfect if haven’t been diving in Indonesia.

Mangrove Marine conservation

Dedi IskandarThere are still a lot of exploitation of the sea in Indonesia that much damage to marine life, almost done by local communities to meet their economic needs. Tourism industry, especially liveaboard diving indonesia is one of the solutions for their economic development, without damaging the marine life. With dive tourism industry will engage the local community to protect the marine life, keep it beautiful and be tourist attraction locally and abroad.

That’s all the reasons I try to share the information about scuba diving indonesia that I get based my experiences and stories from some of my friends who had explored the beauty of the marine life of Indonesia to you, but it is unfortunate when I surf on the Internet almost all the websites that review about the beauty of the marine life of Indonesia in Indonesian was managed by foreign people.

That’s why I ventured to share information about the marine life Indonesia through this website, I realized my english isn’t very well, but I’ll try the best so you can understand about our messages.

I hope you feel satisfied with the information that I fit in this website, if there are things that you want to convey to me, please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact us through this website or our Social media:







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